Should I Be Exfoliating My Face and Body?

The Many Benefits to Exfoliating

Is exfoliating good for me? What kind do I use? Is there even a purpose?
These are the kinds of questions we all ask ourselves when going through our daily routines! Exfoliation is commonly misunderstood, but is vital for all skin types. It’s actually a simple way to create the glowing, healthier skin that we all aspire for! Find out why exfoliating is necessary for your skin and some simple tips that make a big impact.

Why You Should Exfoliate Your Skin

How to Create Glowing Skin

The skin cells all over our body are constantly shedding, while new layers of skin grow and come forward to the surface. However, as we age, our skin begins to age with us and shedding moves at a much slower pace causing build-up. Luckily for us, we now have a solution for all of these problems, and the simple step is to exfoliate! As you exfoliate,say goodbye to dead skin cells, clogged pores, and noticeable blemishes!
Exfoliating your body is just as important as your face! This process stimulates the circulation in your skin and brings blood flow to the surface. This automatically gives you healthier skin because it’s regulating your skin cell growth and helping your pores breathe. With all of these benefits, It is also important to remember, not to over- exfoliate! Everybody’s skin type is different, but it’s typically easy to tell if you have been exfoliating too much. If your skin is beginning to look irritated, if it’s stinging, or even peeling then that is a sign that you should either not exfoliate as often, or just use a different exfoliant. Typically, it's best to exfoliate 2-3 times a week, unless you tend to have sensitive skin, then it is recommended you exfoliate 1-2 times a week.
Our bodies produce a lot of oils and can often sweat, which is why it is important for us to exfoliate not only our face, but also our body. When our dead skin cells mix with the sweat and oils coming from our bodies, it causes for our pores to clog much easier and more often. When exfoliating your body, it’s best to focus on the rougher parts of your skin; such as your elbows, ankles, and knees, these are often times forgetful areas.

Tips for Exfoliation

How to Polish Your Skin

Want to make your skin look and feel polished? There are two different forms of exfoliation: Physical and Chemical. Physical exfoliants typically veer more towards scrubs, masks, and brushes. Although these are effective, they are also easy to overuse. Physical exfoliants are typically more harsh on the skin considering you may be tempted to brush or scrub on your skin too hard. However, when it comes to Chemical exfoliants, these veer towards acid serums and peels. The acid creates for an easier way to wipe off dead skin cells as it breaks the bond between the layers of skin cells and will help the exfoliating process move at a faster pace.

Physical Exfoliant

A great physical exfoliant is our natural Konjac Sponge. This sponge comes from an Asian Konjac Plant that grows naturally and balances out your skin. What's best about it, is that its non-irritating and pairs perfectly with our Loofah Acai Body Scrub. This is a gentle exfoliating scrub that has a natural loofah fruit variable. With its Acai base, this exfoliant contains Vitamin C, which will brighten and maintain an even skin tone and leave your skin feeling hydrated and plump.

Chemical Exfoliant

If you are looking for more of a chemical exfoliant, Sunday Rain has two forms of exfoliating cubes that go perfectly with you in the bath or shower. With both the Watermelon and Charcoal cubes, they contain shea butter and sugar to moisturize and revitalize your skin. Scrub off all of those unnecessary dead skin cells!

Looking for a skin refresh? Try one of our favorites- the Watermelon Exfoliating Cubes!

5 Reasons You Should Exfoliate Your Skin

  • Removes dead skin cells. Your skin is constantly shedding dead skin cells that need to be removed so your healthy skin can come to the surface and give you a healthier look. The less dry skin you have, the more your face has a natural glow.
  • Unclogs pores. Our bodies produce natural sweat and oils that clog our pores when mixed with the dead skin that we shed. When exfoliating, we can remove unnecessary bacteria that causes our pores to build up and give us acne or uneven skin texture. It can even minimize the appearance of pores.
  • Evens skin tone. If you struggle with dark spots, uneven textured skin, acne scars, etc. you understand how difficult they are to treat. Exfoliants will break down that dry skin and smooth out the texture of your skin cells, in order to create more of a uniform skin tone. Say goodbye to blemishes and hello to clean, smooth skin.
  • Helps other skincare products penetrate deeper. With your pores now unclogged and the dead skin removed, your other skincare products can penetrate deeper into your skin. Before exfoliating, your dead skin is basically a barrier between your skincare products and your skin, so once the dead skin and bacteria has been removed, the products will benefit you much better.
  • Formulates natural circulation. Once exfoliating, this process gets rid of the extra weight on your face from debris, skin, and bacteria. Once all of this is removed, our skin is able to formulate much stronger circulation and brings blood flow to the surface. This automatically gives your skin a healthier look.

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