Resources to Support the Black Lives Matter Movement

We are committed individually and as a company to support our community and stand in solidarity in the fight against racism and inequality. We must challenge ourselves to drive change including educating ourselves which is the first step we are taking this week. Our support will be evolving over the coming weeks and months.

We all have to do better and we WILL do better.


Sunday Rain Survival Guide: #HOLIDAYSZN Edition

It's the most wonderful time of the year: #hoildayszn!

The holidays bring merry outings, delicious treats, and of course, tons of festive get-togethers. Through all of the craziness, it's important to stay grounded, manage stress, and of course, treat yourself!


Holiday  Traditions at Sunday Rain

The holidays can mean so many different things to so many different people. We wanted to share what the holidays feel like to us here at Sunday Rain!

Find out what traditions we have at Sunday Rain HQ and what the holidays feel like to our Marketing and Product Development teams.


After Party Detox

Party season is upon us- instead of filling up your cup, fill up your tub and find out the best after party detox secrets.

Looking to rid your body of toxins? Look no further! Our tips along with our range of Charcoal infused products will do just the trick.


The Benefits of Himalayan Salt

Have you noticed the pink crystal-like salt that has been in your spice cabinet for years is now appearing in your beauty cabinet?

We're breaking down all the reasons why if you haven't- you should start incorporating Himalayan Salt into your beauty routine.


How to transition from a Summer to Fall Body Care Routine

Your closest isn't the only thing you should turn over in time for fall.

We're breaking down everything you need to know about your bathroom cabinet- and what products you should swap out in time for fall.


Benefits of Adding Superfoods to your Routine 

Superfoods have been around for centuries, but have become hugely popular within the last five years. Picture this: you're at the grocery store and you come across a product that reads "superfood" or "superfruit" or "supergrain," but what does any of that mean? Superfoods are foods that highly nutritious and have very few calories. There is a wide range of superfoods, from berries, to vegetables, to grains and they all have many health benefits. It is important to not only introduce superfoods into your diet, but also into your skin care routine. Superfoods have been linked to the improvement of skin, including reducing redness and dryness and improving overall skin condition


7 Netflix Shows you NEED to binge this summer

QUESTION: How to unwind this summer?
Whether you've been on way too many iced coffee runs or had a stressful meeting with your boss or just a long day lounging by the pool, it's important to take some time to relax and unwind. What's the best way to do so? Netflix, of course! Here is our ultimate binge list to add to your summer plans. 
Demogordons and Eggos and the 80s oh my! Stranger Things is the perfect pick for all of the sci-fi lovers out there. Take your mind off the real world and delve into the Upside Down with Eleven and the rest of the gang. The show follows the lives of tweens in the 80s deeling with some strange things...


Why you should incorporate Lactic Acid into your Self-Care Routine

You may not normally think about it, but the odds are you have plenty of lactic acid just hanging out in your refrigerator and everyday foods! Lactic acid is naturally derived from various vegetables, fruits, and other plants. Lactic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) and since AHA’s are derived from common foods, it is very safe to apply to your skin and incorporate into your self-care routine. Unlike other acids in the AHA group, lactic acid is great for keeping your skin hydrated long after treatment because it is able to improve the skin’s natural moisture factor. Lactic acid also increases your skin’s water retention leading to more a more hydrated you! Lactic acid is also a gentle exfoliator, so it will brighten your skin as well. By gently removing dead skin, newer and healthier skin cells are able to move to the surface – brightening your complexion.


Should I be Exfoliating my Face and Body?

Is exfoliating good for me? Is there even a purpose? These are the kinds of questions we all ask ourselves when going through daily routines! Exfoliation is commonly misunderstood, but is vital for all skin types. It's actually a simple way to create the glowing, healthier skin that we all aspire for! Find out why exfoliating is necessary for your skin and some simple tips that make a big impact.


Sunday Rain: Our Story

The newest launch from Vivona Brands, is Sunday Rain, a vegan and not tested on animals uplifting bathing range. Carefully curated for Millennial and Gen Z consumers to help create feel-good, restful and rejuvenating body care experiences at home. Packaging with a palette of dreamy trend led colors, clean lines and a pop of gold lend standout appeal in even the most stylish of bathrooms.