Watermelon Bath Bomb
Watermelon Bath Bomb

Watermelon Bath Bomb


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Turn your bath into a spa oasis in just one splash. This relaxing bath bomb contains an illuminating shimmer which is released as it melts, for skin that glows. Drop into warm water and watch as the bath bomb fizzes, releasing it's fresh fruity scent. Lie back, relax and soak it all in.

Key Ingredients

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Sodium Bicarbonate

Is a natural mineral that smooths and cleans the skin.


Silicate minerals which can be ground down into sparkling powder, well known as "nature's glitter."

How to use

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Run a bath and drop one bath bomb into warm water. Watch it fizz up as it transports your tub to a spa oasis. Soak to reveal illuminated skin!
not tested on animals vegan gluten free
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